My Research


Instrumentation and Remote Sensing

Instrumentation and Remote Sensing

Instrumentation and Remote Sensing

Thermoelectric Ice Core drilling, INSAR remote sensing


Ice Sheet Dynamics and Glacial Melt

Instrumentation and Remote Sensing

Instrumentation and Remote Sensing

Basal sliding, Sea Ice melt, Ice Sheet flow and Fracture Mechanics


Planetary Science

Instrumentation and Remote Sensing

Planetary Science

Vapour plumes, Astrobiology, Tidal Heating, Upwelling convection, Surface Ice Fracture



University of Miami (2015-2019) Neurobiology

Photo of Gal4-UAS imaging system revealing Larval Central Nervous System

During my time as an undergraduate at the University of Miami, I researched Drosophila (fruit fly) larvae neurobiology and behavioural characteristics. I specifically focused on the organism's ability to respond and adapt to vibrational stimuli, and worked to discover an adaptive neural circuit which stores and deploys stimulus information to coordinate muscle action. For more information about this research, see Berne, Alexander C, et al. 2018 below in Publications.


University of Oxford, Exeter College (2019-2020) Radiation Biology

Coloured Magnetic Resonance image of Adult Male Brain

Currently, I am reading an M. Sc. course at the University of Oxford in Radiation Biology. My research focus at Oxford is in understanding and characterising the effect of applying radiation at  ultra-high dose rates to biological tissue, a method known as FLASH radiotherapy. In addition, I investigate the how this method can be exploited by hospitals and physicians to improve the treatment of cancer in different parts of the body, including the brain, lungs, pancreas, breast, and prostate. The course will end in Fall 2020. 


California Institute of Technology (2020- ) Geophysics

More information on my research at Caltech will be available starting in Fall 2020. My tentative plans are to research cryosphere dynamics and ice sheet melt, as well as planetary science and surfaces. My broader interests  include improvements in instrumetation for Geophysics research, planetary science research, astrobiology, and remote sensing technology.

CV and Publications



Berne, Alexander C, et al.,“ Behavioral pattern transitions and one-way habituation to pulsed mechanical vibration in crawling larvae”, University of Miami (2018).

Berne, Alexander C, Klein, Mason. “Vibration Response: Mapping the Behavioral Response of Fruit Fly Larvae to Mechanical Stimuli”. University of Miami (2016).